TenkaraGrasshopper on the South Platte, Colorado

Bait Slingin'

I grew up in Wisconsin and learned to fish with my grandfather Thomas Richard Graham. I used to sit in an aluminum Alumacraft fishing boat on a lake. Because of this fact, I will admit that I still throw a spin or spinner bait on some of the reservoirs around my home. I won't throw a spoon on river but I don't have any fear of throwing a lure out on a lake when given the chance and the opportunity to catch a fish. This page will be any thoughts or notes I might have in regards to bait and lure slingin. If you don't like the fact that I will fish with a spinning or casting reel well I am sorry but I like all kinds of fishing.


I decided that today was a great day to add a little to this page since I finally got through the bait slingin' catalog that I have been looking forward to getting all year long. What could make me this excited? How about The Bass Pro Shop

This is an amazing read to see what all is available on the market right now for fishing. There are way to many pages to describe but I can tell you I could spend a large amount of money on items from this catalog. That being said, I think I will definitely be doing some bait slingin' close to home this year on the days that I cannot get to a river. I will be adding a few things to this in terms of some of the cooler items I have found in the catalog over the next few days so please feel free to come back and check them out.

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