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Happy Saint Patrick's Day

We wanted to wish you all a happy and safe St. Patrick's Day lads and lassies. We all have a wee bit o' the Irish in us. We have spent some time enjoying the holiday up to today. 

We just ask that you all be safe and drink responsibly and please for the love of the good Lord above please don't drink and drive. We love all of our readers here at Tenkara Grasshopper.


An Informal Survey

An Informal Survey Request

As many of you know, we at Tenkara Grasshopper Media Services are in the process of rebuilding the site to make it easier to use and find information. This will be a huge change to your browsing experiences here and will hopefully increase your appreciation of what we have to offer.

We are coming to you today to offer you, our loyal reader, the chance to participate in the development of the new site.


Big Changes Are Coming

We at Tenkara Grasshopper wanted to let you, our loyal readers, know that we have not forgotten you. We are in the process of rebuilding the site and have therefore been focusing all of our time on this new development. We will try to get a few posts up that are tenkara related between now and then. 

Please bear with us during this time of transition.


The Tenkara Grasshopper Team


A Happy 2016 Tenkara New Year

Happy New Year, Minions
Well, another Christmas is in the annals of history with plenty of changes here at Tenkara Grasshopper Media. With the passing of another Christmas comes the entry of a New Year that can only be bigger and better than the last. We here at Tenkara Grasshopper Media wanted to share some of the things we have enjoyed this year as well as some of our wishes and dreams for the year to come.

The Greatest Gifts!!!

2015 brought more blessings than one family deserves yet it was a banner year for our families. First off we were able to enjoy another year with our wonderful son and the light of our lives, ATM. He has grown not just physically but also has grown by leaps and bounds mentally. ATM still is growing but still can't fill a pair of 24 month pants because he is so skinny. Yet, the child can definitely fill a diaper with the best of them!


The Tenkara Wish List 2015

Stylised Christmas Tree

December has crept up on us here at Tenkara Grasshopper Media Services and we are now finding out how truly unprepared we are for this season of giving (and receiving, if we are so lucky). The little man in our lives is still too young to understand the whole concept of Santa and his helpful little minions yet we are sharing our belief in Santa to garner a level of excitement never before seen till now.

You won't find an Elf on the Shelf anywhere in our humble home although you might find an elf under the bed or even in bed with you. So it still means you have to avoid being naughty and make darn sure you are being nice. (Which by the way, I am being very good this year.

I know this comes late, but I thought it would be nice to share my wish list for this year to give you a few ideas for items that would be awesome to add to my plethora of tenkara gear or to add to yours or that of a significant other.