A Happy 2016 Tenkara New Year

Happy New Year, Minions
Well, another Christmas is in the annals of history with plenty of changes here at Tenkara Grasshopper Media. With the passing of another Christmas comes the entry of a New Year that can only be bigger and better than the last. We here at Tenkara Grasshopper Media wanted to share some of the things we have enjoyed this year as well as some of our wishes and dreams for the year to come.

The Greatest Gifts!!!

2015 brought more blessings than one family deserves yet it was a banner year for our families. First off we were able to enjoy another year with our wonderful son and the light of our lives, ATM. He has grown not just physically but also has grown by leaps and bounds mentally. ATM still is growing but still can't fill a pair of 24 month pants because he is so skinny. Yet, the child can definitely fill a diaper with the best of them!

Child, ATM

Graham found himself working for an amazing company located in downtown Denver, CO. He was blessed enough to get a job with the LAST independently owned climbing shop in the Denver Metro Area, Wilderness Exchange Unlimited! With a wide range of  offerings from climbing gear for traditional and sport climbing, to backpacking and backcountry ski gear and everything in between Graham finds himself in the world he loves, the outdoor industry. 

Unfortunately, Graham did find his time on the water as a tenkara angler and guide a bit limited this last summer. With extremely high water at the beginning of the season in Colorado fishing was a bit on the sketchy side to say the least. Yet with time the numbers dropped and Graham was able to get out with clients and catch a few fish. 

South Platte River, Denver, 2015

Graham spent much of the summer working on the home he shares with his lovely wife Elizabeth. Time was taken to work on the house as there was a new addition coming that would forever change life for Elizabeth and Graham. Graham and Elizabeth were given the gift of a wonderful baby girl, Rebecca, who was born the second week of December 2015. ATM now has a nemesis as some might call her or he might have a side kick if all goes well. More than likely there will be a bit of both in them for each other.

ATM, Sister

So life has been pretty good here at Tenkara Grasshopper Media we must say!!! 

2016 Has Lots to Offer

Apparently, and rather disappointingly most of my resolutions for 2015 were mostly failures when it came to Tenkara Grasshopper Media. I am offering up a list of what I had set as goals for myself and will share my thoughts on each one.

1. Spend more time with all of the great people in the tenkaraverse. Luckily, this was one of those years where everything fell into place and I was able to join my fellow tenkara junkies and many new tenkara anglers in a great gathering in Estes Park, Colorado. This was the 2015 Tenkara Summit hosted by Tenkara USA.

Tenkara Summit 2015, Logo, Estes Park, Colorado

There was so much information it was almost overwhelming with talks by the likes of Mr. Daniel Galhardo of Tenkara USA, along with Mr. Go Ishii, and the ever venerable Mr. Yoshikazu Fujioka of My Best Streams. I was able to spend much needed quality time with many new tenkara anglers as well as many tenkara devotees I had met online through social media and even some friends I have in the Denver Metro area.

Tenkara Summit, 2015, Volunteers, Estes Park,

2. Introduce tenkara grasshoppers to the joys that I find while practicing tenkara. As a guide I was able to take a few clients out on the water to show them what tenkara is all about. Additionally, I was given the opportunity to take a few friends who are fly fishermen out to experience what tenkara can do and how much fun it can be. The coolest experience of all comes from the positive response I get from the western angler once they actually get to catch a fish using a tenkara rod. I even had the pleasure of taking a coworker out who had never fly fished before and tenkara was his introduction to this wonderful pursuit.

Alex Gwerder, Tenkara, Clear Creek Canyon, Colorado

3. Volunteer my time as a tenkara guide with those who are less fortunate or have physically disabilites limiting their outdoor experiences. I have always wanted to offer my time to such groups as Project Healing Waters here in Colorado and around the country. Being able to help those who want to get out and experience the joys of fly fishing even though there are limitations placed on them has always been a dream and goal of mine. That will be a goal I plan to accomplis this year even if it kills me. If that doesn't my wife might in lieu of volunteering! I am a man and a I do not always think straight if you know what I mean.

(Project Healing Waters Logo Here)

4. Offer a new version of TenkaraGrasshopper.com to all my loyal readers from the past and into the future. We here at Tenkara Grasshopper have found that our readers deserve something different and special. With this in mind we are planning on migrating to a WP (WordPress) powered platform in the very near future. We will make sure that we notify everyone who is interested as this happens.

5. Offer more Tenkara Guide Tips to help improve the angling ability of all tenkara anglers near and far. We will be expanding the information found under the Tenkara Tips Page here. We plan to cover everything from casting to releasing a tree with no damage to the tree. Those of you who have caught a tree know what I mean!

6. Respect others for their differences of opinion and embrace those who are different! This is a personal goal that I have set for myself on all social levels. I find myself at times being judgemental and negative towards certain people and that is against my faith and my morals. Do I ask everyone to do this as well? Only if you wish to do the same but I am not asking anyone to follow what I believe although it would be nice to see more respect in this world.

Tenkara and Tight Lines

2015 has come to a close and we are on the threshold of 2016 and we can only hope for things to get better. I wish you all a Happy New Year and may the fishing gods bless you with consistently tight lines and many beautiful fish.

Happy New Year From Tenkara Grasshopper Media!!!

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