Thanksgiving Greetings From All Of Us At Tenkaragrasshopper Media Services

Norman Rockwell, Thanksgiving Dinner, Saturday Evening Post
Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!!!
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All of us at TenkaraGrasshopper Media Services would like to wish everyone an amazing Thanksgiving with family and friends!!!

A holiday like Thanksgiving gives us time to spend time with those we love (or should love, as the case may be!) As a husband and father to a wonderful son I get to spend an awesome time hobnobbing with my family. 

Because of this the staff of TenkaraGrasshopper Media Services will be #optout for Thanksgiving day and Black Friday!!! We hope that many of you can do the same thing during this time.

We would love to have you tell us what you are doing on Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday. And if you are shopping Black Friday, please be careful and remember that a new TV is not worth a life!

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