A Fly Fishing Guide to Rocky Mountain National Park by Steve Schweitzer

A Fly Fishing Guide To Rocky Mountain National Park
Photo Courtesy of Steve Schweitzer

There are guide books for anglers telling them about rivers around this great country of ours and I have been using one of the best books that I have found to date on Rocky Mountain National Park (RMNP). I felt that I needed to truly explore the crown jewel of the United States National Park system using this guide before I could give you all a truly thorough review of this book. Please understand that even though this book was published in 2010 I have not just gotten this book. I know that getting reviews out on books or products is key as soon as they come out but for this one I am glad I waited till now.

Being a dedicated tenkara angler I am always looking for information on amazing places to try tenkara. Living just a short drive from RMNP, I always wondered what there was in the Park that would be tenkara friendly waters. I have fished RMNP with some great friends but there were also times when I was not able to go with those individuals to show me new places. I found that when I was unable to fish with my friends who knew RMNP better than I, I returned to the same spots and never truly got to know RMNP and experience the potential of tenkara there.

When I found out that Steven Schweitzer had written a guide book to RMNP specifically for fly fishermen and women, (Trying not to be sexist here.), I was super excited to see someone cover this unfamiliar territory in such a clear, concise manner. Reading the descriptions of each area of RMNP as well as the great spots to fish allowed me to experience areas of RMNP that few people knew of, myself included.

I read this guide from cover to cover and based on information that I found I was able to plan a number of exploratory excursions of my own to sections of water that looked like perfect tenkara water from the vivid images included in each description. Let me tell you right now, I found some amazing waters that were only a short distance from the road along with a few gems that I will be sharing with a select few.

In short, if it was not for the detailed writing and hard work of Mr. Schweitzer I would not have been confident in becoming a tenkara guide offering my services into Rocky Mountain National Park. This guide book will from now on be my bible to an area that I will never be able to fully experience in my lifetime. I might even buy a second copy that can sit on a shelf in the TenkaraGrasshopper Headquarters, so that when my current copy dies I will have an immediate replacement for it. 

Would I tell someone who wants to learn about Rocky Mountain National Park and be able to fish it well to get this book? I will shout it from the top of Longs Peak, "Get "A Fly Fishing Guide to Rocky Mountain National Park by Steven Schweitzer today. It will be one of the greatest investments you can make when planning a trip to one of the most beautiful National Parks!"

If you want to order a copy today, which I do suggest that you do ASAP click here and get your copy now!

As a side note, Steve has just written a new guidebook on the Indian Peaks Wilderness Area (IPWA) which will be out soon. If you want a few extra details on the new book click the link to the Fly Fish the Peaks Guide on Facebook. I will be doing a review of the new book as soon as I have read and explored the IPWA with Steve's book as my companion.

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