Tenkara Tips from a Tenkara Guide: A New Series of Posts

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As many of you know TenkaraGrasshopper Guides Services, currently members of the Tenkara USA Certified GuideNetwork, have partnered up with Minturn Anglers out of the Parker, Colorado store. We run trips on the South Platte headed towards Deckers, CO as well as a number of other locations along the Front Range and also in the Vail Valley. Follow the link here to see a complete listing of locations we at Minturn Anglers can take you as well as current pricing and my availability for trips.

Logo Courtesy of Minturn Anglers
And in a really cool turn of events, we at Tenkaragrasshopper Guide Services are happy to announce that we have partnered with Rocky Mountain Anglers, a Boulder, Colorado based fly shop! Through this partnership we now have the ability to guide tenkara trips into the crown jewel of the United States National Park System, (at least in my humble opinion!) Rocky Mountain National Park (RMNP)! Trips can start either at the shop in Boulder or arrangements can be made to meet closer to RMNP. Follow the link here to find out more information about trips into RMNP as well as our rates for these trips. If you want to learn more about the Rocky Mountain Anglers shop in Boulder you can also click on the image below and will be redirected to the shop site.

Logo Courtesy of Rocky Mountain Anglers

With all the tenkara trips we are currently guiding we have noticed a few things and we decided that we wanted to address them here on TenkaraGrasshopper.com. While our guides are out on the water we notice that we seem to get the same questions over and over again, all good questions mind you, yet still the same questions. Because of this we will be running a series of posts over the coming weeks and months which hopefully will answer these common questions in a manner acceptable to all. Keep your eyes out for these posts, or join our email list and get updates as they go live. We are really excited about this new series and look forward to your feedback.

Just as a side note, and a bit off topic, I wanted to let you all know that if you wish to leave a comment you will have to register as a G+ member. If you do not wish to become a G+ member I understand, needless to say I would love to hear/read your comments. You can leave a comment by going to my Contact Me page and send me a comment and I will copy/paste your comment to the appropriate post. 

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