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Due to the fact that I have been looking at the site recently and felt that there were a few to many page links, I have decided that I will be consoldidating a number of pages down for the easier navigation of pages.

One of the major consolidations will be the TenkaraGrasshopper Guide Services and Guide Availability Calender into one page. By doing this I hope to make it simpler for you to find out about the guide services we offer with Minturn Anglers/Colorado Skies Outfitters. You can click TenkaraGrasshopper Guide Service and Availability to get an idea of how this will help you to book trips.

I have also decided that because I read so few print magazines myself I am going to be removing my Fly Fishing Magazines page as well. You will find a few of my favorite magazines listed in My Fly Fishing Library. If there are any magazines the you think I have missed please feel free to let me know and I will add them to the list.

You will also find an expanded list of gear suppliers under the Great Suppliers of Tenkara Gear. You will find Tenkara specific sites as well as general fly fishing gear sites. I will work to build the page with brief reviews of each retailer site for your information. If I have missed anyone please feel free to contact me and I will add you to the page.

We just put up a new poll that you can find under the Followers on the Home Page. Please respond at your convenience but be aware the poll closes on July 26, 2014. I would be interested to hear what you all have to say.

Tight Lines and Tenkara my friends.
I don't always fly fish, but when I do it is tenkara all the way!

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