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How does a hobby become a lifestyle? I always wondered about that until recently and I should warn you that Tenkara could and will do the same thing to you if you are careful or not careful if you let Tenkara into your life as well. 

As I have stated in earlier posts here, I started fishing at a very early age and started fly fishing approximately 16 years ago. And then it happened four years ago, I came across TenkaraUSA in a magazine. And, if you ask anyone like my wife you will come to know that Tenkara has taken over my life in more than a few ways.

Elizabeth Maria Flores, My Lovely Wife

As a beginning angler I was very much into sitting in a boat and slinging worms as far as I could out into the water and seeing what I could pull into the boat. I didn't even care what kind of fish I caught let alone the size of the fish since the "Tug is (and was) the Drug!" I caught more than a few fish and still am addicted to the feel of fish on the end of a rod.

After getting out of the boat I slowly transitioned into fly fishing and as I did I started to gather rods and multiple other items that slowly filled the vest I carried at the time as well as a corner of my personal space in the basement or closests in my homes. With each passing day and year I become more of a fly fisherman and started to not gather just rods, reels, and flies, I also started gathering multiple pairs of waders and fishing shirts. The other thing that I definitely enjoyed gathering and still do to this day are baseball hats from each store and manufacturer that I have used. The truly scary thing that I have realized is that a have a large amount of money invested in these hats.

TenkaraGrasshopper Hat Collection
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As the hat collection started growing, I then got into the t-shirt and sweatshirt habit. How bad is my t-shirt and sweatshirt habit? I typically only wear fishing t-shirts when I am out and about. Some shop shirts, some brand shirts and some fun commentary shirts that are fishing related. My wife gets tired of them since I have enough to get me through the week even with dirty laundry.

Beer, Fishy, Fishy
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As an angler, I also became what I would call a "bag whore!" I love backpacks, chest packs, sling packs, small and medium size hip packs, and the ever threatened and rare fanny pack. I love bags in all sizes for everything from the most minimal items all the way up to the multi-day pack that could get me from Denver to Durango on the Colorado Trail. With all these bags I am still trying to find that perfect bag for all occassions but I am not sure that I have found the perfect bag quite yet although I am getting closer. There are a couple of reviews coming soon on two of my favorite bags in my collection that I will be posting here very soon. 

Vedavoo Sling Pack (Review coming soon!)
Photo Courtesy of TenkaraGrasshopper

Mountain Ridge Geat Fishing Buddy
Photo Courtesy of TenkaraGrasshopper

And then there is my fly tying desk, AKA The TenkaraGrasshopper Battlestation, located in the TenkaraGrasshopper Man Cave. Here, I have more thread and materials than I know what to do with. And I do spend a fair amount of time tying different patterns from nymphs to dry flies. The TenkaraGrasshopper Man Cave has been dominated by the Battlestation, at least on one side. The material box is overloaded with more materials and stuff that I have accumulated over years of fly tying. 

The TenkaraGrasshopper Fly Tying Battlestation
Photo Courtesy of TenkaraGrasshopper

With all the beginnings of gathering more fly fishing stuff than I knew what to do with, and more and more time being spent on the water my life was gradually being taken over by fly fishing. Not that I am complaining at all about this fact since it has brought me so much happiness, not nearly as much as my wife, but enough to keep me satisfied.

Well, as you all know, I have discovered Tenkara and for the last four years my life has again changed and fly fishing is now a major part of my life, with Tenkara being the main driving force in my daily thoughts, outside of our little leprechaun, who is on the way and due March 17, 2014 and my gorgeous wife Elizabeth!!!

Tenkara and TenkaraGrasshopper is who I am now and it appears that it is who I will be for the forseeable future. I am actually pretty excited about this whole TenkaraGrasshopper thing happening right now. I hope as a loyal reader of this blog you have already gotten the gist of my passion for Tenkara and that I will keep this going for as long as my passion remains.

So how deeply has Tenkara taken over my life? Well, as I stated earlier I have the TenkaraGrasshopper Man Cave Battlestation which is located in the TenkaraGrasshopper Man Cave!! Yes, I do have a room dedicated to my Tenkara pursuits and as long as we stay in this house TenkaraGrasshopper Media, LLC will be headquartered here. 

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