A new poll is up and I need some feeback.

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Hello ladies and gentleman,

I know that I have made requests for your input in the past and need to again ask for the input that you have all given me over the life of this website. I have been keeping track of all of my page views on the site and have been noticing a large amount of traffic to the Tenkara Gear Suppliers page and since I only have logos and links to the companies I know that it may not be a huge amount of help to you all as users to have items that I am actually using or like.

What I am asking is this, would you all please answer the poll or even this post and give me an idea of what you would like to see on the page under the respective manufacturers. If you are not sure that is cool  as well. 

I guess what I am wondering is whether you want to see specific items from the manufacturers or do you just want links to the general site for that manufacturer? I know this post is very odd but any help I can get from you would be greatly appreciated as I want to be able to help all the beginning Tenkara anglers as well as the more experienced anglers.

I look forward to hear what you all have to say guys and gals. May the Tenkara gods smile on you as you fish today or any day in the near future.

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