A Belated Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to All

I wanted to wish all of you, my readers, a great holiday season and a Happy New Year! I know some of this is a little late in coming but hey, the holidays happen and take a toll on our lives. Family and friends surround us and we tell stories and laugh at all the shenanigans that we participated in over the past year.

It has been an eventful one for me, the TenkaraGrasshopper. So I will just give a brief synopsis of what has happened and is continuing to happen.

The biggest news of all is that my wife, Elizabeth Flores and I are expecting our first child who is due on March 17,2014. We are super excited about bringing our little leprechaun into the world. Even now while still in his mommies tummy, I can tell you without a doubt that he has some amazing arm strength. I think he hears me talking about Tenkara so much that he is already practicing his casting so that he can go fishing with his dear old dad.

My wife, Elizabeth Flores with Louisa the Lobster
Dillon, Colorado Fourth of July Celebration

Even better, I already have his first Tenkara rod waiting for him. He will be getting my 11' Tenkara USA Iwana, my first Tenkara rod. And the cool part about giving him my Iwana is that I will have to replace it with a rod of my own!!! Elizabeth just shakes her head when I tell her that I need to buy a new rod since the little guy is getting mine but she seems to understand, God Bless her for that!

Tenkara USA 12' Iwana
 Photo Courtesy of Tenkara USA

This summer was my first year as a fly fishing guide for Colorado Skies Outfitters in Parker, Colorado who recently partnered with Minturn Anglers. As a guide I was working in the weekend fishing school teaching beginners as well as some experienced anglers to fish on the South Platte River using western gear. I also had some requests for Tenkara trips that were very productive and super fun. Because of these trips, the power of Tenkara was spread to a few new people and that number will continue to increase exponentially over the next year.

The guys at Colorado Skis Outfitters/Minturn Anglers requested that I start teaching Tenkara through the shop and I happily excepted so that I can teach other grasshoppers the fun that can be had fishing Tenkara. Even as I work on this post I am working on the course cirriculum for the class. It will be a weekend program that will be the basics of Tenkara and even a few advanced techniques.

Minturn Anglers

There has been a lot of writing that has been down outside of TenkaraGrasshopper and because of this some really cool things have occurred. The biggest by far is that Tenkara USA published the first Tenkara magazine in english. And I was one of the writers who was included in the inaugural edition. I am still working on the review and will have that up for your reading pleasure soon.

Tenkara USA Tenkara Magazine
Photo Courtesy of Tenkara USA

Even before my article was published in the magazine I became an active member of the Outdoor Writers Association of America (OWAA),  a highly respected group of outdoor writers, with members like Chris Hunt, and Tom Sadler. I am learning alot from the members of this group and will be doing all I can to continue down the path to becoming a true outdoor writer. 

Outdoor Writers Association of America

 Those are the major highlights of this last year, and now we have the chance to look to the future which looks very bright not just for TenkaraGrasshopper Media, but for the entire Tenkara community with the release of new rods from Tenkara USA and other manufacturers as well as some others. There are also some very cool new lines that are coming out this year. And the best part of all is that with the new year all of the sportsman shows season is ramping one. Tenkara USA will be out at a few shows with the new rods for your viewing and casting pleasure. Come see them at the Fly Fishing Show here in Denver, January 3, 4, 5 2014. It will be a great show this year and hopefully those of us from TenkaraGrasshopper Media will see you there. If you want, send us a message and we will arrange a meeting at the show.

Fly Fishing Show Denver
Tenkara and tight lines to all in the next year from all of us at TenkaraGrasshopper Media to you and yours in the the new year.

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