Tenkara Gear and Toys That Have Appeared Recently In The Tenkara Cave of Wonders

Tenkara is simplicity. Tenkara is poetry in motion. And Tenkara is the form of fly fishing that I find myself gravitating towards more and more each and every day. Because of this my passion grows with wild abandon and makes me froth at the mouth in search of all things Tenkara be they techniques, flies, or even additional items that could relate to Tenkara.

As a Tenkara angler and the Head Blogger here at TenkaraGrasshopper I am always looking for those cool items that might help to add to my experiences with Tenkara. Being a Tenkara angler has opened my eyes to the beauty and simplicity that Tenkara instills in a person. But, deep down, you will still find the gear whore that I truly am.

That being said in 100% confidence, I have been on the search for those individuals who are true craftsmen or craftswomen and personify the true character of Tenkara. My search has brought me many successes starting with Mr. Daniel Galhardo and TenkaraUSA. The craftsmanship found in the rods and additional accessories that are sold like the traditional tamos is truly awe-inspiring to the uninitiated and the initiated. The passion for a product that performs it’s intended purposes in the most stellar way is what attracts me to a manufacturing firm such as Tenkara USA. Having received the Tenkara USA Ito rod as a gift I knew without a doubt that I had found happiness in a rod that has far exceeded my expectations as a Tenkara angler.

TenkaraUSA Tamo
Photo Courtesy of TenkaraGrasshopper
TenkaraUSA Ito Rod
Photo Courtesy of TenkaraGrasshopper.com

My adventures in discovering quality craftsmanship continued when I found The Finest Fly Tying Benches of Colorado crafted in the state by Mr. Jay Burge a consummate woodworker who exudes a passion for woodworking that far surpasses the notion of an individual who simply likes the smell of wood. Mr. Burge commits body, mind and soul to the benches that he makes in his home shop. The passion for the wood that he works with jumps out at you when you are sitting in front of one of his creations, while tying one of your favorite kebari patterns for either your next trip or even the coming season. I know from personal experience that this is exactly the way I feel when I am sheltered from the outside world in the Tenkara Man Cave.

Finest Fly Tying Benches of Colorado
Photo Courtesy of TenkaraGrasshopper

I have come across other items that make my life as a Tenkara angler easier and more fun both on and off the water. One item in particular is the Mountain Ridge Gear Fishing Buddy designed and made by Mr. Eric Lynn of Colorado Springs, Colorado. When I learned that Mr. Lynn makes all of his own products here in the great United States of America, out of his own home, I smile knowing that I am supporting a true American hero. Some might say that the Fishing Buddy is too big to be considered a Tenkara specific chest pack yet I find myself heartily disagreeing with them. (I am currently working on a review post right now so please be patient and you will find out why I feel this way about the Fishing Buddy!)

Mountain Ridge Gear Fishin' Buddy Chest Pack
Photo Courtesy of MRG.com
 After discovering the Fishing Buddy and using it extensively, it appeared that I had entered the proverbial Tenkara craft doldrums until I was contacted by a craftsman who I found to be a true breath of fresh air in my endless search for that special item that could add to the world of Tenkara. And who you ask could do such a thing?

Ladies and gentleman, please let me introduce Mr. Richard Kolodny of Fly Fishing Artwork. Richard is the prime example of a craftsman who has embraced Tenkara whole-heartedly and brought it into his life. Mr. Kolodny is also studying the Japanese culture and integrating aspects into his daily life or at least his life in his workshop. Richard does have a day job that keeps him busy for a large part of the year but he also has taken Tenkara to heart and is now crafting in his home workshop an item that will add that special something to a Tenkara anglers Cave of Wonderous Items. 



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