TenkaraGrasshopper's Return to The Angling Realm On Clear Creek

Denver Dobbins, Karel Lansky, TenkaraGrasshopper
Our Best Sides
(Photo Courtesy Daniel Galhardo)

I have returned from the ashes of poor health and life is awesome. Due to a new member of the Colorado Tenkara Anglers group on Facebook, Denver Dobbins, I recently organized a Tenkara outing for April 7th, 2013. 

After a few miss hits on deciding where to fish I finally settled on Clear Creek outside of Golden, Colorado.  In all the years that I have lived in Colorado, I never fished Clear Creek before I really had no idea how good the fishing would be for Tenkara. And, in twenty-twenty hind sight I am kicking myself now for not having fished the creek sooner. 

Clear Creek, Colorado
Gorgeous Tenkara Water

After gathering at a pull-out just before entering the canyon and shooting the breeze we piled into two seperate cars and headed up the canyon. We hit some gorgeous little holes that were quite productive for all of us. And according to Karel Lansky, of TenkaraOnTheFly, he caught 8 fish in one hole. Although we think we might have figured out Karel's secret.....

NutraFin Tropical Fish Food?? What??
(Photo Courtesy of Daniel Galhardo)

We all fished one hole in particular where there were fish rising to some kind of hatch but the fish were very finicky apparently. We still had fun and it was great hanging out and chatting with Denver, Daniel, and Karel. After we all worked our way up to a bend in the river we decided to move farther up river to try our luck on a different spot. And when we got to the new spot all I can say is wow. 

TenkaraGrasshopper on Clear Creek Colorado
(Photo Courtesy of Karel Lansky)

Having re-entered the river I started casting into the shadows. I tried and number of fly patterns since I did not see anything rising. I tried both traditional Tenkara kebaris, RS2's in different sizes, and a creation of my own that I am thinking I might start using more frequently on the river. It might be my new nymphing fly of choice, the Chartruese Brassie Kebari. I admit it is really ugly but the fish seemed to like it.

Charteuse Brassie Kebari Fly
(Photo Courtesy of TenkaraGrasshopper)

Yes, I agree it's ugly but this guy will definitely argue otherwise with you on what looks tasty!! Just saying. 

Clear Creek Colorado Brown Trout
(Photo Courtesy of TenkaraGrasshopper)

Suffice to say the fishing was great! What made it even better was the fact that with the help of Daniel we were able to hit our trash limit for the day. Keep in mind this was the state limit that we had to follow but man was it worth it.

Clear Creek Colorado Trash Stringer with TenkaraGrasshopper, Karel Lansky,  and Denver Dobbins
(Photo Courtesy of Daniel Galhardo)

Oh, and lest we forget, Daniel Galhardo caught by far the largest bottle fish I have ever seen on a Colorado river. So congrats are in order to him. Keep it up Daniel. (Still wondering if he might qualify for the IGFA record for a bottle on a Tenkara rod.)

Daniel Galhardo and his Colorado Bottle Fish
(Photo Courtesy of TenkaraGrasshopper)
At the end of the day we were all able to say we had caught fish on a gorgeous river. And with some great people. Thank you guys for a great day and I hope we have many more to come. 

Daniel Galhardo, TenkaraGrasshopper, Denver Dobbins
(Photo Courtesy of Karel Lanksy)
And to finish out the day, a couple of us ran into the town of Golden for a celebratory beer at the Golden City Brewery. Great beer in a really cool beer garden. Sorry that you were not able to join us Denver Dobbins, next time you will have to see what you can do to join us. 

Karel Lansky, TenkaraGrasshopper, Daniel Galhardo
(Photo Courtesy of Daniel Galhardo)
Having been able to get out with a couple of great people and spend the day fishing and relaxing is something  that we can all enjoy if we can. I know I will be planning more trips in the future and hope that those who either live in Colorado or anywhere else in the country who want to join us can. Any and all new trips that are being planned will be posted here or through social media sites.

Hope you enjoyed this trip, especially those of you who are reading this a long ways from home. (You know who you are!!!)

To close, I hope you all land the fish of your life soon!!!

Oh and before I forget at least one TenkaraOnTheFly gratuitous siting photo.

And for your viewing enjoyment here is a video montage of the trip.

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