Redirection of this blog.

This is to all my loyal followers and new readers. I hope that this will give you all something to think about and also make me change directions with the blog.

Being that TenkaraGrasshopper has as its tag line "A blog for those who are new to Tenkara and want to explore with a reasonably new Tenkara convert......" and a review of my posts as well as comments that I have received from you my readers. I have decided that I need to get back to the original goal of my byline.

Therefore, starting today I will be adding posts that are more relevant to the beginning Tenkara fisher person. I will continue to do reviews of equipment as it becomes available to me. I will also review any relevant videos or websites that are relevant to Tenkara. But I have gotten away from helping new fisher people with learning what they can from Tenkara. 

I also need to address a few comments that I have received from some of you. I cannot give specific names because some of the comments have come from anonymous commenter's. I do have to agree with  the comments that I received but I need to explain myself.

Recently a comment came in about the fact that the anonymous reader really enjoyed reading my posts but did complain that my posts were very text heavy and lacked any picture content. I agree with you on this fact and my goal is to change that as soon as I can.  The reason I have not added many pictures is that I seldom carry a camera that can give me the quality pictures that I want to post. I am working on saving my pennies so that I can ultimately get a nice waterproof camera that will allow me to take the pictures I want. Unfortunately, the camera I currently have is a clunker and not conducive to on river fishing.

And yes, my posts are word heavy. Please bear with me on this fact since I tend to get a number of thoughts going in my head when I start a post and they come out in the post. I will work in some way to decrease the word density somehow but for me to get my point across I feel that this may not be possible.

With the above being said, you will find a poll asking what you would like to see in future posts on the right side of the page. Also, under my page tabs on the far right is a Contact Me link where you can send me a comment or request without commenting on a random post. 

I look forward to hearing from you all very soon and hope that you will continue to visit my blog and keep your lines tight and your feet wet as long as you stay dry.

Thank you all again for your follows and comments here and I hope that you will find everything that you might need here.


Me with John "The Fish Bum" at the Denver Fly Fishing Show 2012

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