Book Review and Possible 2012 Fishing Season Experiment

Last year I picked up a copy of Modern Midges Tying and Fishing the World's Most Effective Patterns by Rick Takahashi and Jerry Hubka. I have been reading and studying Modern Midges for quite awhile now and have now decided that it is high time that I tie a number of midge patterns that are listed in the book. I am curious as to whether I can tie a passable midge pattern on my own. Something tells me that after reading this book cover to cover a few times and doing some research on the patterns that are listed I think I might have a chance at it.

That being said, I think that I am going to try and experiment with a full box of midges this summer and see what happens with my numbers of to net fish. And from what little I understand of midges and the places they are found I am hoping for some good numbers.

The book is broken down into two parts which make the manuscript very user friendly. Part 1 is called Tying Midges. It is comprised of eight chapters which are ordered according to the life cycle of a midge.  By this I mean that it starts at the larval stage and works up to the adult stage. One chapter of each life stage includes instructions on how to tie the common flies for this period. The instructions are clear and concise and have definitely helped my tying to improve quite a bit in a short time. The following chapter is what I would consider quite exhaustive in my opinion but I know that is not the case. Although, with the number of recipes included, I am sure I would not be able to complete all the patterns in my life time or be able to use all the recipes. (Hmm, now there is a fun idea! Tie and fish every pattern listed in this book! I throw down my gauntlet Sir and take you challenge!) 

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