My thoughts on becoming a Traditional Tenkara Fisherman

Over the last few months I have been reading all the Facebook posts related to Tenkara that I could during the time leading up to my wedding. Unfortunately, as I said in some previous posts I was not able to fish much. But, my creative juices were sparked and my interest in traditional kebari was reignited.

I believe that my style has been that of a hybrid Tenkara fisherman rather than a traditional Tenkara fisherman. That being said, I am considering putting the time in at my bench the rest of this year and filling a box with all kebari flies. I like the simplicity of the style of tying that the kebari has going for it.

All the patterns that are out there now in some ways might get a little overwhelming for some but if you are new to Tenkara  the advice I can give you is don't freak out. Western fly patterns are much more numerous at this time and they will continue to expand as time goes on.

I have looked at the boxes of a few of the people that I have fished with and the simplicity of each and every box is amazing to me. So my goal for the future is to get into the kebari tying and maybe a little less of the western fly patterns. Although, I do love a take from a fish on an Elk Hair or even a dry spinner imitation.

The challenge for me now is to choose which kebari that I would like to start with and then add to as time progresses. I love the Ishigaki kebari for it's beautiful looks and simplicity and I do have a small stable of them in my box even as we speak. I also have a few killer bugs stashed in there and they do produce very well at times.

Now what I need to do is get out there and find the patterns that I want to tie start having some fun. Who knows I might even think about organizing The Colorado Tenkara Kebari Tying Summit here in Denver.

I would love to hear everyone's opinion of their favorite kebari so please feel free to post a comment here. As I start tying more of the flies I will post pictures of my progress here and on Facebook.

Tight Lines

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