Tanago Thoughts

I recently received a Tanago rod from Chris Stewart of www.Tenkarabum.com fame.  What is a Tanago rod you ask?

Well apparently it is almost exactly like a Tenkara rod but it is designed for catching minnows or other very small fish. I am looking forward to trying and terrorizing the minnows in my local waters as an experiment in another way to catch fish. Does it bother me that the rod maxes out at 5" to 8" fish?

Not at all because a fish is a fish in my eyes.

Chris was nice enough to send me a complete setup which is pictured below.

Because I am not totally familiar with Tanago fishing and am in no way an expert even remotely I am including the link to TanagoBum so that you can learn more and also so that Chris gets the credit for this and so that if you get interested you can order a setup from him. Below is the link to his site so have fun with his information.

TanagoBum Information Link

I intend to try out this style of fishing here very shortly and as soon as I do I will be posting a few pics of the fish or whatever else I catch as well as my review of the equipment that I used.

Initially, the Tanago rod that is manufactured by Daiwa is rather interesting feeling in the hand. The grip is a textured finish that is adhered directly to the rod. It extends the same way a Tenkara rod extends. When collapsed the rod measures it is all of 19"!!! The rod that Chris sent me is 7' 9" when fully extended with the lilian.

I don't have a way to weigh the rod, but I have to say it is almost ridiculously light in the hand, almost to the point of feeling as if you are not even holding anything at all. That being said, the action is quite nice and I believe will make catching even a very small fish quite exciting.

I look forward to trying this out soon and hope that I get to catch some fun little fish very shortly.

This style of fishing may even give a new meaning to the term Bait Slingin'!

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