Fishing the South Platte River

 March 4, 2012, I went fishing with two awesome friends, Karel Lansky and Jason Klass for a day out. The weather was beautiful giving us robin egg blue skies. Sadly we all got skunked for the day but can you really complain about a day on the water? I am disappointed that we did not catch anything but at least I know there are plenty of fish in the river.

I devirginized my Ito on this trip as well. Ma, what an amazing rod. Either at 13' or 14'7" it is an amazing rod. What I found very interesting was that at each length the rod handled just a little differently, which to start was a little disconcerting until I got used to it. I also fished strictly with the TenkaraUSA 3rd generation furled line. I was very impressed with the quality and the ease of use of the line. It performed quite well considering the amount of wind we encountered.

I intend to also review the new TenkaraUSA level lines that I recieved from Daniel. I hope to have a post up very shortly. Sorry it has been so long everyone.

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