Why I fish Sunday's

I was thinking today about why I like to fish on Sundays for the most part. I have been mulling this over all day and decided that it was time to get my thoughts down before I forgot them.

I am a religious person and I do attend church. My faith is not what I want to talk about today though.

I think I fish Sundays for the most part because that is my day off from work but also it is the same day that my fishing buddies can get away for at least a little bit. I also fish Sundays because I believe that being outside is like being in God's country and I find that I can see and feel God in the way that it was intended.

When I am on the river I can contemplate the meaning of my life and also to download the craziness of my week without any outside influence for other people. Not that I can't do that any day of the week but I guess Sunday just gives me the motivation to chill and become introspective.

I know this probably sounds disjointed and not in the least bit poetic but for some reason it seemed right for today.

I do intend to go fishing on Monday morning up on the Blue and will post a few pics and a report of my day up there when I return. Thanks again for being such good followers and readers. And I look forward to adding more to my page as time goes on.

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