A few new challenges for myself

I have been reading a number of great books lately and have decided that this is the year to put into practice what I have been reading. So what have I been reading that has instituted these thoughts? Three books that are very good in my opinion. Reviews of each book will follow very shortly but for now I want to let you know that the books are Tying Small Flies, Fishing Small Flies by Ed Engle, and Modern Midges by Rick Takahashi and Jerry Hubka.

All three books have gotten me thinking about how I can fish this summer in a slightly different way in regards to Tenkara. Now what I am about to say may push some Tenkara traditionalists away but I feel that for things to advance in my fishing I am willing to try anything.

To start with let's go with Ed Engle's Tying Small Flies, Fishing Small Flies. I am greatly impressed by Ed's ideas about fishing small flies on small bodies of water. I am also pleasantly surprised by the selection of small flies that Ed has included in Tying Small Flies. The flies that Mr. Engle has chosen are great and cover a large range of bugs found in and on the Colorado waters that I fish.

I have decided that I am going to tie up a box of strictly Mr. Engle's small flies and see what happens with the fish this summer. I am also going to attempt the strategies that Mr. Engle describes in both Tying Small Flies and Fishing Small Flies.

Additionally I am planning on tying a selection of midges from Modern Midges by Rick Takahashi and Jerry Hubka. I am curious to explore the quality of midge fishing here in Colorado as well. With that being said I will get back to the vise and see what happens. I will keep you up to date on what develops as the season goes on and let you know what kind of results I get.

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